Back Acne Treatment - Get Rid Of Back Acne – Bacne

Back acne treatment can be quite stubborn to do, and to get rid of Back Acne for good can take a bit of time. Back acne is so common that it has even developed its own colloquial name…Bacne! (sometimes spelt Backne)

It can be difficult to treat and clear up back acne for several reasons…

The skin is thicker on the back than other areas…such as the face

It can be hard to see, reach and awkward to apply topical treatments

The skin on the back can also become irritated subject to pressure if you ever carry a backpack, THE WEIGHT OF YOUR BODY WHILE SLEEPING… and friction from tight clothing.

Whether acne appears on the face, neck, chest or back…the underlying cause is the same… hair follicles and pores get clogged owing to excessive sebum (oily hormonal secretion from the seaceous glands…see pic) on the skin’s surface. Dead skin cells become trapped and together with the sebum, bacteria attacks and produces acne.

The first step in back acne treatment is to wear loose clothing…especially in Summer when there is a tendency to get hot and sweaty. This can further compound the problem by irritating the condition.

How to treat bacne…shoulder and back acne cure…

Exfoliating is the first step in bacne treatment…especially if it is fairly severe. Bodybuilders who take steroids often break out in bad attacks of shoulder and back acne. The matter is made worse when they are on a bulking phase and eating copious amounts of food to boot.

 A fantastically effective and economical exfoliant can be found in most households in the form of bicarb soda, or baking soda (not baking powder)

It costs only a couple of dollars to buy from the local supermarket (Arm and Hammer is a popular brand)

  It is gentle, and safe. Apply a paste of 3 parts Baking soda to 1 part water in a gentle circular motion after washing back with soap and water. Rinse off. This natural exfoliant will slough off dead skin gently without the use of harsh chemicals. Do it  2-3 times a week.

If you can get someone to do it for you…that’s even better. It can be quite awkward on your own.

The next step once the skin on the back is clean and dry is to apply an effective bacne treatment. Topical cream or gel made from 4% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 or Niacin) is an ideal choice. Niacinamide or Nicotinamide as it is sometimes called is great to get rid of bacne. It is fast acting, not harsh on your skin, and the New York University College of Medicine proved it as effective as the leading topical prescription medication, Clindamycin.

The 4% Niacinamide cream should be applied once or twice (many people find once per day sufficient) per day. Good times are before bed at night and upon awakening in morning before getting dressed. Unlike Benzoyl peroxide, Niacinamide will not stain clothes and sheets…and will not dry out the skin excessively.

4% Niacinamide…best back acne cure  to get rid of your bacne

Niacinamide is one of the best back acne treatments to get rid of bacne once and for all. Click here for more information.