Basic Care for Acne

Acne and pimples are something which almost every person in his teens would have gone thorough. Acne has become so common among teenagers that it is very rare to come across a teenager who is not bothered by acne. That is where the phrase “pimply teenager” must have become popular. It is ironical that it is only during teens that many individuals try to create an impression and win over others and that is exactly when they sprout pimples, which could become too embarrassing and make them self conscious.

The actual cause of acne is still unclear. Experts say that acne could be due to hormonal changes and stress during adolescence. While we cannot fully prevent or cure acne, we can at least make some efforts to ensure that they do not become worse than what they are.

Honey is supposed to have certain curative and cleansing properties. Open the clogged pores on the face by using warm wet towel to your face, or even try mild steaming. Then apply honey on the affected areas and leave for some time. Wash it away with warm water again and then splash cold water to close the pores. Now the pores are clean and closed too. Keep your face clean by washing your face twice a day, preferably morning and night, with medicated soap and eater. Ty to keep your face scrupulously clean always. Acne could be on account of nutritional deficiency too. Take good vitamin supplement and also chromium and zinc supplements all of which should contribute to healing the acne and keeping the body healthy too.

Most important, do not aggravate the situation by using too much make up on acne. Avoid oily make up in any case, because the general belief is that oily skin gets more acne than normal or dry skin. Remember to drink lots of water as water is one of the best cleansers of the system and help in flushing out toxins from the body. Do not pluck, poke or prick your pimples with bare hands or otherwise, which could prove detrimental to your skin. Use clean towels and pillows all the time. These small precautions could go a long way in preventing pimples from worsening.