Famous Acne Rosacea Sufferers – Cream For Rosacea Acne

Alas! Not even the rich and the beautiful are safe from acne rosacea. Following is a short list of famous people who have suffered from this skin condition.

W.C. Fields
Probably the most famous acne rosacea sufferer is the late comedian W.C. Fields, whose outstanding feature was his trademark nose. Fields’ nose was red and bulbous, and a symptom of advance rosacea called rhinophyma.

A swollen nose that may, in severe cases, be riddled with bumps and cysts characterizes rhinophyma, which primarily affects men.

The best rosacea treatment for rhinophyma, also known as the W.C. Fields nose, is surgery. Since the nose is enlarged due to the development of excess tissue, the only solution would be to remove the tissue with a scalpel, laser, or through electrosurgery. Some sufferers resort to dermabrasion so the scar tissue will not appear too pronounced.

Bill Clinton
Another famous person affected by acne rosacea is President Bill Clinton. The former President’s doctors once admitted to the New York Times that the President was suffering from moderate rosacea. Indeed, he was often seen in public with flushed cheeks and a red, swollen nose. At times, red bumps were also spotted on his right cheek and his chin.

Cameron Diaz
The Charlie’s Angels star has been seen in public with inflamed cysts and a red nose. Diaz has reportedly had an acne problem since as far back as high school. The condition has apparently progressed into acne rosacea since then. Despite having cheeks and a forehead riddled with pockmarks and blemishes, she still worked as a model before she got her big break as Jim Carrey’s love interest in the hit move The Mask.

Renee Zellweger
Zellweger is another Hollywood beauty who, despite her bout with acne rosacea, still parlayed her charm and keen acting instincts into a successful movie career. The star of the Bridget Jones movies has been photographed many times with large red spots on her forehead, flushed cheeks, and a red nose.

Experts on the famous Dutch painter state that he was afflicted with acne rosacea. They based their conclusions on his self-portraits, which showed a bulbous nose with coarse, bumpy skin, red lines, lesions, papules, and red blotches across the face.

Other famous people who reportedly suffered from acne rosacea include Princess Diana, Star Trek icon William Shatner, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, Streets of San Francisco star Karl Malden, The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, and even Dirty Harry himself… Clint Eastwood.

This proves that acne rosacea need not be a debilitating disease–especially with today’s scientific advancements that have led to many a skin care product for rosacea.

Cream For Rosacea Acne

Although many of the more effective ones are prescription rosacea medications, there are a few over the counter remedies that are effective, yet do not have the many side effects that prescription medications have associated with them.

One such product is ACNESSENTIAL (a 4% Niacinamide cream). Scientific research has proven topical niacinamide to be just as effective as the prescription antibiotic clindamycin, without the side effects. Furthermore, since niacinamide is a form of water-soluble Vitamin B3, it can be used effectively over long periods.